7 Braces Myth

Braces remain one of the oldest and most effective orthodontic treatments out there. And they remain one of your best options for orthodontic treatment. But it’s important to remember while you’re deciding which option is best for you or your child, that there are number of myths surrounding every orthodontic treatment. In the past we’ve covered some of the most common Invisalign myths, so now we wanted to look at braces in the same light!

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7 Braces Myths

  • Braces need to hurt to work: While there might be some discomfort when you get your braces adjusted, there’s no reason they should hurt. And there’s no correlation between pain and improved alignment.
  • Braces are a permanent fix: While they’ll align your teeth into an ideal place, you need to do some maintenance after you get your braces off. If you don’t wear your retainer every night, your teeth might shift right back to into misalignment.
  • All overbites are bad: Minor overbites are not usually an issue. In fact, they even have some advantages, like that your teeth won’t grind as much.
  • You can get an exact length of treatment estimate from your orthodontist: Your orthodontist can give you a best estimate, but there’s a lot to take into account regarding your duration of treatment. Sometimes it takes a few extra months. If you want to better your chances of getting your braces off on time, make sure you’re following all of your orthodontist’s instructions.
  • Every orthodontist does braces treatment the same way: While there’s tons of orthodontists who could facilitate your braces treatment, each orthodontist will have a unique approach to braces treatment. So it might not be a good idea to change your orthodontist in the middle of your braces treatment.
  • Braces are just for kids: More adults are choosing to pursue orthodontics, despite any myths or stigmas that might exist regarding adults and braces. For adults, just like teenagers, it’s usually worth it for the end result!
  • You should only get braces once: More orthodontists are recommending two-phase orthodontic treatment, meaning two sets of braces between childhood and your teenage years. While that seems like a lot, the first phase of treatment usually makes the second phase quicker.

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